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Spokesman: Iran to Take 3rd Step to Modify N. Deal Undertakings If Europe Procrastinates

TEHRAN Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyed Abbas Moussavi warned that his country will further scale down its nuclear deal undertakings if the European states remain inactive in compliance with their promises.

Moussavi referred to the Sunday meeting between Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Seyed Abbas Araqchi and his counterparts within the framework of a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) commission meeting in Vienna, and said, "The yesterday meeting in Vienna was demanded both by us and the Europeans."

He told reporters in a press conference in Tehran on Monday that both the Iranian and European sides protested at each others' measures, explaining that Tehran is displeased with Europe's inaction and detention of a number of Iranian nationals in Europe and their extradition to the US which is against the contents of the nuclear deal, and the Europeans do not favor Tehran's modification of its nuclear deal undertakings.

"Seizure of Iran's oil tanker (by Britain in the Strait of Gibraltar) was also raised in the commission as a violation of the nuclear deal," Moussavi said.

"If these meetings fail to yield result, Iran will take the third step in the remaining time," he stressed.

Moussavi underlined that although the Europeans have verbally supported the nuclear deal and its implementation, Iran cannot count on their words, and wants to see their practical action.

In relevant remarks on Sunday, Araqchi had said that seizure of Iran's oil tanker in the Strait of Gibraltar by the British forces was a violation of the nuclear deal, stressing the need for discussing the case at a meeting with parties to the agreement.

"Seizure of the Iranian oil tanker, Grace 1, by UK in Gibraltar was a violation of JCPOA since none of the deal members can prevent Iran from exporting its oil, Araqchi said before an extraordinary meeting of the Joint Commission of the JCPOA in Vienna.

"During the past month, various developments have happened regarding the JCPOA, which made it vital to hold a joint commission meeting," he said.

Araqchi noted that when Iran started to scale down its JCPOA commitments, the US wanted to refer the case to the UN Board of Governors, but Europeans wanted to discuss the issue in a joint commission since they believe it is related to the JCPOA mechanism.

There are some other issues that we consider as violation of JCPOA or lack of commitment of JCPOA-members, he said, adding, We and the Europeans both wanted today's meeting to be held.

Araqchi said that in the Sunday meeting, the sides would negotiate on each other's complaints, adding that in the previous meeting we decided to hold JCPOA foreign ministers meeting and the issue is still on agenda and we hope that we can reach clear results in this regard.

He also informed that as before, Iran would have mutual, trilateral, and multilateral meetings with the JCPOA member countries on the sidelines of the extraordinary JCPOA meeting.

Araqchi left Tehran for Vienna early Sunday to participate in the extraordinary meeting of a joint commission on the 2015 nuclear deal the JCPOA.

British naval forces unlawfully seized Iranian-owned supertanker Grace 1 and its cargo of 2.1 million barrels of oil in the Strait of Gibraltar.

Britain claimed the seizure was based on suspicions that the Iranian tanker was carrying crude oil to Syria in violation of European Union sanctions against the Arab country.

Iran has condemned the seizure of its tanker as piracy, vowing to employ all its political and legal capacities to secure the release of the vessel and uphold its rights.

Source: Fars News Agency