Friday, August 7, 2020
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SR33 billion desal plant for EP approved

The Minister of Water and Electricity Abdullah Al-Hassein said the Council of Ministers has approved the funding of SR33 billion to establish a new desalination plant in the Eastern Province with a capacity of 1.5 million cubic liters.
The funding approval also includes laying of new pipelines between Al-Jubail and Riyadh, and another one to transfer water from Rabigh to Briman and then to Makkah.
He said that a month from now, the biggest pumping project “Ras Al-Khair Project,” will benefit the second plant in Al-Jubail, which has been in service for more than 30 years, and feeds Riyadh with 800,000 and 100,000 million cubic liters of water for the internal areas of Yadeir, Al-Ghat, Al-Zalafi and Al-Washam, and 100,000 million cubic liters for Hafre Al-Batin and Al-Naeriyah.
He denied there was a water crisis in Jeddah, or water cuts that resulted from maintaining water pipelines, or due to any accident. To avoid any crisis, a massive strategic reservoir will be established in Briman Al-Faislaiah, he said.
He said the per capita consumption of water was now 300 liters compared to 200 liters a few years ago. The rate of pumping water to Jeddah had increased to 1.1 million cubic liters. Sewage has been operated in Al-Matar neighborhood and Al-Khamrah. Work is under way to connect all areas to the sewage network of the Kingdom.
He called on consumers to rationalize water consumption, and use rationing devises. Consumption of health devices will be limited, especially the expulsion box, he said, adding that import of any equipment that violates the regulations will be banned.