Friday, August 14, 2020
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SSNP Foreign Affairs officer, Ambassador of Indonesia stress need to support UNRWA

The Foreign Affairs officer of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, Caesar Obaid, met with the Ambassador of Indonesia to Lebanon Ahmed Khazen Khamidi, with talks featuring high on the overall situation, especially the UNRWA issue.

The pair stressed the need “to support the UNRWA so it can continue to shoulder its responsibilities towards the Palestinian refugees, until the end of the occupation and their return to Palestine.”

During the meeting, Obaid presented the initiative of the SSNP for the return of displaced Syrians to their homes and villages, and the role it plays in translating this initiative, stressing that “this return is a necessity and the first obligation is the suffering faced by the displaced in the areas of displacement.”

“The Syrian State has defeated terrorism from most areas and achieved security and safety, so the displacement caused by terrorism has lost its reasons, but there are international, regional and Arab forces pushing to block the return of displaced people in order to use this card against the Syrian State,” he said.

He also shed light on “Indonesia’s refusal to engage in an alliance against Syria,” deeming it “a responsible stance that respects the principle of sovereignty of States and the stability of the region.”

For his part, Ambassador Khamidi stressed that “his country is keen on the security and stability of other countries, and rejects all forms of interference in the internal affairs of any country.”

Obaid also met with the Ukrainian Ambassador to Lebanon, Ihor Ostash, and exchanged with him views on a number of matters.

Source: National News Agency