ST, RAMSEM open first African sorting lab

NAVASOTA, Texas, May 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Global livestock semen sorting leader and innovator Sexing Technologies® (ST) has partnered with pioneering livestock artificial insemination company RAMSEM to establish Africa’s first semen sorting lab. The lab is at RAMSEM’s facility near Bloemfontein, South Africa.

The lab will produce fresh and frozen sex-sorted semen from sheep, goats and cattle. ST’s sex sorting method separates X chromosome (female) bearing sperm from Y chromosome (male) bearing sperm through a process called flow cytometry. This provides customers with semen that is more than 90 percent accurate for the desired gender and achieves conception rates comparable to conventional (unsorted) semen used for artificial insemination.

RAMSEM is a globally renowned leader in sheep and goat reproductive services, most notably the semen freezing and laparoscopic artificial insemination (A.I.) techniques introduced to South Africa in 1985 by Dr. Johan Steyn, one of the company’s founders. Since its founding, RAMSEM has expanded its service offerings to include embryo transfer (ET) and exporting sheep genetics worldwide. Dr. Johan Steyn remains on staff as head of the company’s laparoscopic A.I. and ET programs

“Ramsem is privileged to partner with Sexing Technologies, the most reputable name in the business of semen sorting services,” says Dr. Fanie Steyn, RAMSEM Managing Director and son of Dr. Johan Steyn. “This partnership introduced semen sorting to the African continent and is set to revolutionize the breeding industry for Southern African cattle, sheep and goats. ST’s cutting edge research and development work has resulted in its flagship sorted semen product, SexedULTRA, which is already producing results comparable to conventional fresh semen laparoscopic A.I. in South Africa.

“This partnership truly embodies RAMSEM’s motto that ‘experience plus technology equals results!’” Dr. Fanie Steyn adds.

RAMSEM also works to help conserve Africa’s wildlife. The company is providing semen freezing services to ARK Biotech for preservation of African Buffalo, Rhinoceros and Lion genetics. With the opening of the lab, RAMSEM will expand its partnership with ARK Biotech to include semen sorting and invitro fertilization services.


Sexing Technologies® is the world leader and innovator and leader in livestock semen sex-sorting technology.


Francisco Bobadilla
Sexing Technologies


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