Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Strong Lebanon bloc expresses satisfaction with summit outcomes

The "Strong Lebanon" parliamentary bloc expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the summit for economic and social development that led to a stabilization of the economy given the Qatari contribution of half a billion dollars purchase of Lebanese bonds.

"The success achieved is in its infancy and the President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, has put forward the Lebanese economic question at the Arab level and proposed the creation of an Arab bank like the European Bank," said MP Ibrahim Kanaan, at the end of the periodic meeting of the bloc.

He added that the Syrian question was raised against the backdrop of the return of displaced persons and the reconstruction of Syria, highlighting the efforts of a number of Arab countries and the Gulf, to participate actively in the reconstruction through the private sector and to solicit meetings with the private sector and the Syrian State.

He also called for taking into account the national interest and for not paralyzing Lebanon financially and economically.

At the government level, Kanaan said: "The President of the Republic and the leader of the bloc are making great efforts to overcome obstacles," noting that "his camp is ready to reach out to other groups positively."

Source: National News Agency