Sunday, September 27, 2020
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Stumps and bails to illuminate in Dubai

Dubai: For the first time in an international cricket match, the stumps and bails will illuminate when dislodged. The International Cricket Council (ICC) will introduce this novel method for the first time during the semifinal and final of the ongoing International Cricket Council Under-19 Cricket World Cup.

Speaking to Gulf News, an ICC spokesperson said: “This new innovation will provide television viewers and spectators at the venue an enhanced experience and get the crowd more involved.”

This has been created South Australian manufacturer Zing International and will be called the Zing Wicket System. It will be one among the many innovations that the ICC is planning to introduce to make the game more attractive and interesting.

The Zing wickets will come fitted with LED. The bails will also have an in-built sensor than can determine if a wicket is broken, in just 1/1000 of a second.

The spectators for the semifinal and final matches to be played at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium will be able to see this special stumps and bails and when the wicket is broken, the bails will flash bright red LED light. Even if a wicketkeeper stumps, the lights will flash. This is expected to help the umpires too come up with correct decisions especially during close stumping and run outs.

Low voltage batteries will be incorporated in each of the bails and also in stumps. This technology is being introduced after three years of intense research and ICC last year gave its clearance to use it during the Under-19 World Cup. Soon LED stumps and bails is expected to become part of all international matches. This was for first time tried out in the Big Bash League in Australia.

The Under-19 World Cup is expected to be watched by an estimated audience of 1.3 billion, due to broadcast agreements secured by Star Sports. This includes the continued coverage by ICC broadcast partners, Fox Sports in Australia, Sky Sports in the United Kingdom, OSN across Middle East and North Africa, ESPN in North America & the Caribbean and Sky NZ in New Zealand.