Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Sunday’s land department transactions valued at Dh483m

Dubai: The total value of Dubai’s real estate transactions touched Dh483 million on Sunday, Dubai Land Department announced.

The biggest sales values recorded — Dh38 million and Dh23 million — where for properties located in Safa 2 and Wadi Al Safa 5 respectively.

The total sales value stood at Dh410 million, which includes Dh211 million land plots sales and Dh199 million in apartment and villas sales.

Mortgages stood at Dh73 million including Dh32 million for lands while Dh41 million went for apartments and villas.

The Land Department recorded a total of 285 sales transactions of which 160 transactions were for land plots. Apartments and villas accounted for 125 of the total sales transactions at Dh199 million.

Al Barshar South 4 recorded the highest sales activities with nine sales transactions valued at Dh24 million.