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Suraj Venjaramood’s comedy award sparks row

The Kerala state film awards announced on Saturday sparked controversy after the jury did not find Suraj Venjaramood worthy of the best actor title. Venjaramood was earlier this week chosen as the best actor nationally for his role in the Malayalam movie, Perariyathavar (The nameless). He was awarded the best comedian award instead in his home state. Dr Biju, the director of Perariyathavar, the film for which Venjaramood won the national award, said it was a “humiliation” for the actor. The National Awards are one of the most reputed in the country.

Venjaramood, however, said winning the best comedian award proved he could handle comedy roles too.

The best actor award for the state was shared by Fahad Fazil and Lal for the movies Artiste and Ayaal respectively. Ann Augustine was selected the best actress for her role in Artiste. Crime No 89 was chosen as the best movie, and Shyamaprasad was voted the best director. The jury chose the award winners from a list of 85 movies.