Wednesday, November 13, 2019
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Syria affirms its right to defend sovereignty and independence against any aggression

New York, Acting Charge d'affaires of Syria's permanent delegation to the UN Munzer Munzer stressed Syria's adherence to its right to confront any aggression against its sovereignty and independence as well as its determination to continue combating terrorism as to liberate every inch of the Syrian territory whether from terrorism or from any hostile state.

Munzer made his remarks during a UN Security Council's meeting to discuss the situation in Syria.

Delegations of US, UK and France have always fabricated lies and allegations about the reality of the situation in Syria in order to justify their hostile policies against other sovereign states, especially Syria, with the aim of harming the Syrian government and covering their outright collusion and direct involvement in supporting terrorism and shedding the Syrian blood, Munzer added.

The Syrian diplomat went on to say that the testimonies of thousands of Syrian civilians who left the siege of armed terrorist groups in the Eastern Ghouta proved those countries' deep involvement in the tragic suffering of the Syrian people.

He noted that the stances, behaviors and illegitimate presence of US, UK and France in some Syrian areas indicate that they will never give up their colonial ambitions in the country and totally contradict their fake claims about finding a peaceful solution to the situation in Syria.

Munzer said that those three countries have spared on effort since the very beginning of the terrorist war against Syria and throughout the past seven years to exploit the UN forums as a political tool to put pressure on the Syrian government and implement their agendas in domination and intervention in the internal affairs of the Syrian state in order to undermine its security and stability instead of using them to combat terrorism, its supporters and financiers, as well as help the Syrian people overcome their suffering due to the practices of the armed terrorist groups.

He pointed out that the international conventions and the UNSC resolutions relevant to counter terrorism require the Syrian government to perform its duty and carry out military operations in the Eastern Ghouta in order to rescue civilians and alleviate their suffering due to the siege imposed by armed terrorist groups which used them as human shields for years.

Munzer underlined the achievements made by the Syrian Arab army and its allies against terrorist groups which hold some areas described as besieged and hard to reach by the UN, and the settlements and reconciliation agreements achieved which helped reduce the civilians' suffering and facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid to them.

He noted that the US claims about its keenness on reaching a political solution in Syria are indefensible and lamentable taking into consideration its aggression on Syria and its people relying on fabricated lies and allegations which aim at providing moral support to terrorist groups following their consecutive defeats in the Eastern Ghouta as well as its support to the Israeli aggression on Syria on May 9th.

The Syrian diplomat indicated that the continuity of the Israeli occupation's aggressive approach would not have been possible without the ongoing and unlimited support by the US, immunity from accountability at the UN Security Council.

He stressed that all attempts to support terrorism are futile, noting that the flagrant aggression against Syria will not prevent the country from combating terrorism on its territories.

Munzer expressed Syria's relief and satisfaction over the results of the 9th round of Astana talks wrapped up on Tuesday with its final statement reaffirming Syria's safety, sovereignty and territorial integrity against any foreign intervention. He expressed appreciation and gratitude for Russia, Iran and Kazakhstan for their contribution to make this round a success.

Munzer concluded that the Syrian government will do its utmost and support sincere efforts to reach a political solution in which the Syrian alone have the right to decide their future in a way that guarantees Syria's sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency