Sunday, August 9, 2020
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Syria and Poland to enhance economic, trade relations

Damascus, A Polish parliamentary delegation, which is currently visiting Syria, discussed on Wednesday with Members of the Board of Directors at Damascus Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Industry means of enhancing economic, trade and investment relations between Poland and Syria, and the contribution of Polish businessmen and companies in the reconstruction process.

Chairman of Syrian-Polish parliamentary committee, MP Pavel Skutitsky said that his country has supported Syria in its war against terrorism and maintained its relations with Syria and didn’t close its embassy in Damascus.

He hoped that economic, trade and investment relations would develop between the two countries and the Polish companies would help rebuild the country.

Chairman of Damascus Chamber of Commerce, Ghassan al-Qala’a called on Polish businessmen to explore the investment opportunities in Syria during the reconstruction phase.

For his part, Head of Damascus and Chamber of Industry Samer al-Dibes said that Poland is a friendly country and Syria welcomes it as a partner in the reconstruction stage, pointing out that many projects in transportation, electricity, and alternative energies are available in Syria.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency