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Syria, Cuba sign MOU for wide economic cooperation

Havana, - The Federation of Syrian Chambers of Commerce signed with the Cuban Chamber of Commerce a memo of understanding between the two countries with the aim of boosting bilateral economic and trade relations.

The MOU includes mechanisms of exchanging information and opinion on the means of improving the trade activity between the two countries, in addition to arranging visits of businessmen, trade delegations and missions of the two sides as well as providing opportunities for businessmen of the two countries for finding joint cooperation mechanisms.

It also stipulates for encouraging holding exhibitions, forums, conferences and other activities in both countries with the aim of expanding the trade exchange and arranging meetings and forums for introducing businessmen on the investment opportunities and projects that could possibly be achieved as a step forwards for establishing a Syrian-Cuban workers' committee as soon as possible.

Deputy Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Samer al-Khalil said in a statement following the signing of the MOU in Havana that this step constitutes an additional motive for upgrading the mechanism of the joint work between Syria and Cuba, as it also represents a step forwards toward the cooperation process that extends for years.

He added that despite the circumstances of the terrorism war imposed on the Syrian people, many of the factories are still running with businessmen insisting on increasing production, pointing out that there is promising opportunities for investment in both countries.

For his part, Head of Cuban Trade of Commerce Orlando Hernandez said that signing the MOU is a natural result for the historic relations between the two countries, pointing out to the need for each side's support to improve the economic situation and getting acquainted with the available opportunities in both countries for confronting the economic sanctions imposed on Syria and Cuba by the Imperialism and its allies.

In a similar context, the Syrian delegation chaired by al-Khalil reviewed during their meeting with Cuban Deputy Minister of Trade and Foreign Investment, Ileana Mordoche the prospects of the economic and trade cooperation between the two countries.

Al-Khalil affirmed that the spheres of trade and economic cooperation are wide and diverse between the two countries, adding that stemming from the principle of economic and trade integration, a lot of Cuban goods are available and could be exported to the Syrian markets and vice versa.

For her part, Mordoche stressed Cuba's keenness on establishing close economic relations with Syria, considering that this visit with all the constructive meetings held through will give a new push to the bilateral economic relations.

She added that the Cuban government gives the preference to Syria, particularly in the production of medicine, pointing out that what has been raised with regards to the integrity principle is very important, as a list of goods and products the Cuban market needs will be given to the Syrian Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade in order to be studied as a step for being provided to the Cuban market.

Source: Syrian Arabl News Agency