Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Syria participates in China International Import Expo

Beijing, Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday announced the opening of China International Import Expo in Shanghai with the participation of more than 130 states including Syria.

In a speech delivered during the opening ceremony, President Xi described the expo as a pioneer step in the history of developing the international trade.

He affirmed that China’s initiative to broaden the imports isn’t just a temporary experiment, but it is a long-term initiative towards the world and the future which aims at enhancing the joint development.

The Chinese President called upon all the states to adopt a clear stance in which they affirm their adherence to the openness and their rejection of the unilateralism and protectionism and their adherence to the principle of comprehensive development and mutual interests for achieving the joint development.

The five-day expo, in which more than 3000 companies are participating, is the first of its kind in the world as it is specialized in the imports and it embraces expos of states and companies in parallel with holding Hongqiao International Economic and Trade Forum.

The Forum which accompanies the Expo will be attended by more than 2000 government officials and heads of international organizations, in addition to businessmen and pioneer academics from more than 130 states.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency