Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Syria participates in International Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran

Tehran, The 32nd International Islamic Unity Conference started activities on Saturday with the participation of 350 figures from 100 countries including Syria, and in presence of Head of the Levant Islamic Scholars Union Dr. Mohammad Tawfiq Ramadan al-Buti.

In a speech delivered at the opening of the conference, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called upon the Islamic countries to unite for achieving victory against the Zionists and the US, indicating that Muslims will doubtlessly triumph.

He referred to the difficult circumstances which the region is passing through in light of the continued attempts by the US to impose its hegemony on it.

President Rouhani added that the UN Organization had been established on the basis of the military force as the members who excel in terms of force are the decision makers and the five states which enjoy the Veto right are the ones which possess the most destructive and lethal weapons.

Rouhani hailed the steadfastness of the Syrian and Iraqi people in the face of terrorism and the triumph of the Iranian people over the Western arrogance.

He asserted that Iran doesn’t pose a threat to anyone, and it is keen on standing by the Arab and Islamic regional states.

Rouhani also touched upon the Saudi continued aggression on the Yemeni people.

In a speech during the conference, Dr. al-Buti said that today it is the duty of the nation to unite its ranks and to free the Islamic will from the hegemonic powers to be able to liberate Jerusalem from Zionists.

He called for defining the reality of terrorism which threatens the nations and peoples across the world, wondering Why the Zionist practices against the Palestinian people are not considered terrorism and extremism and why the interference in the sovereign affairs of other states is not considered terrorism ?

Dr. al-Buti also called upon the conference to tackle the phenomenon of terrorism and extremism through discovering its sources and dangers and eradicating its mental and political roots.

He stressed that the terrorist organizations that practice killing and destruction in Syria and others in the name of Islam is a danger that must be fought firmly.

Al-Buti said that the most dangerous obstacle that hinders the progress and development of our nation is the phenomenon of extremism and takfiri thought, which is created by external sides and exported to our country to be circulated through their tools inside our country.

Extremism breeds terrorism, which is a threat to all, he said, adding that extremism, by all its kinds and sources, whether political, liberal or religious, is a danger to humanity where well-known parties were used to invest it against Islam.

He underlined the importance of reaching positive and serious outcomes through the conference.

During the three-day conference, ten committees will be active including the Resistance Committee, the Right to Return Committee and the Committee on the Role of Palestine and Jerusalem in the Islamic Culture as well as the Committee of Standing in Face of Surrender.

Various exhibitions and a celebration on occasion of Prophet Mohammad’s Birth will be also held in framework of the conference.

The opening of the conference was attended by Syrian Ambassador in Tehran Dr. Adnan Mahmoud.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency