Thursday, September 19, 2019
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Syria participates in International Parliamentary Forum, Moscow

Moscow, The International Parliamentary Forum on Monday started activities at the Russian capital city of Moscow with the participation of a delegation from the People's Assembly headed by its Deputy Speaker Najdat Anzor.

Some 400 parliamentarians and experts representing delegations from 132 states are also taking part in the Forum.

The two-day Forum aims at invigorating parliamentary diplomacy among states and it will discuss issues related to the realizing international security through dialogue to lay the bases of the peace and stability in the world.

Other topics related to the legislations and the legal bases of the digital future on the challenges and the proposed solutions to them will be on the table also during the Forum, in addition to issues related to the parliamentary cooperation.

Issues related to the legal settlements for solving the problems of poverty and the absence of social justice in the world as well as the issue of the media wars will be also tackled by the participants in the event.

The Forum will also discuss issues related to preserving the environment, curbing pollution and the role of youths in developing the parliamentary approach, and it will conclude activities by touching upon the international humanitarian law.

In a speech during the Forum, Head of the Syrian-Russian Parliamentary Friendship Committee MP Hussein Abbas said that the constructive dialogue away from double standards is the basis of the parliamentary work to achieve international peace and security .

Abbas added that the US boasts of being a country of freedom and democracy while it practices the policy of aggression and imposing siege and sanctions on the peoples and it supports terrorism.

He called for exerting more efforts to stand in the face of the hegemony policies adopted by Washington through finding laws and legislations that would put an end to the spread of its unjust and hostile policy.

Abbas affirmed that Syria is open to the dialogue which is based on the humanitarian principles in a way that would serve the security and stability of peoples.

MPs from Belarus and Russia, in separate statements with SANA correspondent, called for further enhancing parliamentary relations with Syria.

They underlined the importance of the Forum in enhancing relations between the countries, calling for lifting the unjust economic siege imposed on Syria.

In a statement to SANA correspondent, Abbas called for respecting the sovereignty of states and the international laws and principles which are breached by the US, and for the noninterference in other states' affairs.

He asserted that the policy adopted by the US violates the Charter of the UN and its resolutions, particularly with regard to imposing unilateral coercive economic measures on the Syrian people.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency