Friday, June 5, 2020
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Syria takes part in 4th Int’l Conference for World Balance

Havana, The 4th International Conference for World Balance kicked off on Wednesday in the Cuban capital of Havana with the participation of Syria.

Syrian Ambassador in Cuba Dr. Idris Mayya, in a lecture delivered at the conference's first work session under title Syria's Steadfastness and Victory in its War against Terrorism, affirmed that Syria's enemies have failed in achieving their schemes thanks to the legendry steadfastness of the Syrian people and army.

Syria today is standing on the thresholds of the final victory and it is getting ready for the reconstruction stage, Mayya said.

He indicated to the attempts of the US and its allies to prevent the reconstruction of what has been destroyed at the hands of terrorists through imposing unilateral coercive measures on the country.

Syria hasn't and will not surrender, Mayya asserted, adding that Cuba's steadfastness in the face of the US siege imposed on it has also been a role model for the whole world on the resistance and steadfastness.

He said that Syria, Cuba and the struggling states will restore balance to the international relations.

A number of the participants in the conference, including Aleida Guevara, daughter of revolutionary Che Guevara, expressed solidarity with Syria in the face of terrorism.

They indicated that the US has made the war against terrorism as a pretext to target Syria, underlining the importance of holding the conference in light of the current circumstances in the world.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency