Friday, June 5, 2020
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Syrian geologist elected to chair Biodiversity Intl Conference

Lattakia, - Syrian geologist Dr. Fawzi al-Azki has been elected to chair the Biodiversity International Conference by the scientific team supervising the conference that is due to be held in Romania in October.

Dr. al-Azki told SANA that the conference is to discuss many issues related to biodiversity in salt and fresh water environments, including fish, tortoises and other aquatic organisms as well as plant biodiversity.

Syria is going to participate with a number of work papers on the association between biodiversity and environment in Syria.

Dr. al-Azki is a geologist and astronomer. He founded the first geological museum in his house in 2002 and created the first Arab geological encyclopedia in 2006.

Dr. al-Azki has made significant discoveries, including discovering the Syrian dinosaur in 2001, unearthed in Slunfeh area in Lattakia. He created the first observatory in Lattakia containing four advanced telescopes

Several Arab and European countries including Britain, France, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Zech, Iraq, Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, Jordan and Syria are participating in the Biodiversity Conference due to be held from 2nd to 9th of October.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency