Sunday, September 22, 2019


The Syrian army and allied fighters reached the Syrian-Iraqi borders in eastern Syria on Friday, as the Iraqi forces reached the Iraqi side of the borders at the same time, the military media of the Syrian army reported.

The Syrian army and its allies of the Hezbollah group reached the Syrian-Iraqi borders, north-east of Tanf border crossing, said the report.

It added that, the Syrian army reached the Syrian side of the borders at the same time as the Iraqi forces reached the other side of the frontier.

The progress is part of the Syrian army's wide-scale offensive in the Syrian Desert, to liberate it from the Daesh and other rebel groups.

The Great Dawn operation by the Syrian army, aims to clear a triangle of border areas between Iraq, Syria and Jordan, of the terror groups.

Reaching the Iraqi borders was a primary target for the operation, despite the repeated attacks by the U.S. on Syrian army units, advancing towards Tanf, where British and American military positions are located.

Despite two strikes on Syrian military positions, the army stressed resolve to continue the battle in the desert.

The military report said, the Syrian army has taken control of 20,000 square km of the Syrian desert, since its operation in recent weeks.

Meanwhile, a well-informed source familiar with the situation, said that, the Syrian army and its allies are skirting around Tanf, to avert confrontation with the United States, after the recent two strikes on Syrian units.

The U.S. said, its strikes were intended to keep the Syrian army from advancing into an area, included in the deescalation zones deal.

This time, the Syrian army roared its advance towards the Iraqi borders, keeping a distance of 55 km from Tanf.

Still, the Syrian army and the Iraqi forces of Hashid Shaabi, or the Popular Mobilisation Forces, are yet to come into contact with each other.

Faleh al-Fayad, Iraq's national security adviser, visited Syria on May 18, during which he discussed with President Bashar al-Assad, ways to commence joint military operations on the Iraqi-Syrian borders

Source: NAM News Network