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Syrian surgeon develops technique and device for self-construction of mandible

Damascus, Syrian Surgeon Khalid al-Ouf has patented a new technique and device of self-construction of the double-jawed mandibular bone, which offers higher chances of recovery for patients who have lost part or all of the lower jaw due to traumatic or physical injuries.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Dr. al-Ouf told SANA that he obtained the patent at the end of last December after seven years of tireless efforts to develop the technique and the device and to apply them on several patients, affirming that the results were great and the patients were satisfied.

He said that the idea of the patent came due to the pressing need for it due to the presence of many cases which are suffering from a damage to the lower jaw due to the circumstances of the war waged against Syria and the failure of most solutions which have been used before such as using plates.

The surgeon explained that compensation for the lower jaw is very accurate process because it is the only moving bone in the skull and has a functional and aesthetic role.

The idea of self-construction of the bone in the invention according to al-Ouf is similar to the technique of fracture, which is the development of two adjacent bone surfaces. The cells in the blood will develop within the contact area between bone cells that help build bone loss.

Al-Ouf explained that the technique helps building bone affected by war injuries or injuries sustained in accidents or after the eradication of tumors and others at the rate of 1 mm every 24 hours, which in case the loss of 60 mm ensures the building in 30 days and then it needs about 3 months to maximize it.

The specialist said that the device is installed internally and has two sides right and left and three measurements suitable for different situations and ages and maintain the shape of the face and jaw.

Al-Ouf expressed hope that his invention will be spread and applied to the widest segments, considering that its cost does not exceed SYP 100,000, while doctors are currently obliged to import a single device costing more than 4,000 euros.

Al-Ouf advised those wishing to work in the field of research and creativity to be patient and to form a great scientific base and gain practical experience to refine the theoretical sciences and benefit from the experiences of developed countries technically and medically.

On the reality of oral and maxillofacial surgery in Syria, the specialist said: It is good and practitioners have been able to develop it with simple tools and have achieved a global presence through their research.

Al-Ouaf's patent is not the first. In 2011, he was granted a patent for inventing a technique and a device for surgical evaluation of the upper jaw, and in 2015, he was granted a patent for his invention of a method and device for the enlargement of the maxilla.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency