Tuesday, January 28, 2020
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Syrian woman from Sweida establishes first sewing workshop in her village

Sweida, Rania al-Saleh managed to defeat social obstacles and family conditions and set up the first small sewing workshop in her village of al-Hout in the southern countryside of Sweida province.

The 42-year-old Rania told SANA that she benefitted from her experience in her previous job at a sewing factory within her small workshop, which she started four years ago to assert herself first and generate income for her, her retired father and her elderly mother.

After buying her own sewing machine, Rania started her small workshop in a rented place and then expanded her work by buying more machines to meet the needs of customers from her village and neighboring areas.

Rania faces the difficulties of her work with an indomitable will and treats her clients with respect and punctuality because she understands the importance of respecting the profession which has occupied a big part of her daily life.

Chairman of the Local Development Committee of the Program Fund for Microenterprise Projects in al-Hout village, Salman al-Abdullah, said that Rania succeeded in establishing the first sewing project in the village which enabled her to serve the locals.

He added that Rania represents a story of success among women and she was granted a small loan to buy a power generator to serve her work.

Rania represents a living example for the Syrian women who are attached to their work and who have left a distinctive mark in society through successful work.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency