Tuesday, January 28, 2020
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Syrians returnees gather at Rashid Krami International Fair

A new batch of Syrian returnees gathered at the Rashid Karami International Fair, with a noticeable attendance of families who had been in Lebanon for around 7 years. The displaced boarded government buses belonging to the Syrian Ministry of Transportation and Communications sent for this purpose by the Syrian government, specifically to transport them to the towns of Homs through the crossing of Abboudieh.

The move was monitored by the General Security, under direct instructions from the General Security Command, headed by General Abbas Ibrahim.

"The number of displaced people registered with the General security services in preparation for their return to Syria is increasing significantly, and this is good for everyone, both Lebanese and Syrians," said Colonel Khattar Nasreddin, head of the General Security Information Division in the north.

Source: National News Agency