Thursday, December 12, 2019
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Tajikistan minister seeks investment cooperation

Foreign Minister of Tajikistan Aslov Sirodjidin Muhridinovich discussed here recently the scope of economic and investment cooperation between the business sectors of the two countries.
During his meeting here with Chairman of the Council of Saudi Chamber (CSC) Abdullah Al-Mobty, Aslov said his country’s strategic goal in relation to its trading partners is stability in the area in terms of energy, building network of roads and transportation and food security.
The minister discussed ways of strengthening economic cooperation and investment between Saudi Arabia and Tajikistan at the meeting in which the Tajikistan ambassador to Riyadh and Khaled Al-Otaibi, CSC secretary general, were also present.
Earlier, the visiting official noted excellent relations between the two countries at the leadership level and the two peoples.
He said the objective of his visit is to enhance the value and volume of partnership and cooperation between the business sectors of the two countries and diversify it in other areas, where possible.
According to him, Tajikistan has a favorable environment for investment opportunities, especially in power generation, for building plants to generate hydroelectric power for export to Pakistan and Afghanistan. He said his country has abundant water resources, including potable water, which could be exported to the Gulf market. “We have also a good investment potential in agriculture to provide large tracts of fertile land,” Aslov said, expressing his country’s readiness to allocate land for agricultural investment for Saudi Arabia and export its products to the Kingdom.
Saudi investors could also acquire agricultural land on long-term lease for cultivation of various crops needed by the Kingdom. In this context, he invited a Saudi delegation representing the private sector to study the situation closely.
He also called for partnership in the agro-food processing industry for exporting processed food to international market. They could also build greenhouses for agricultural production throughout the year, as cheap labor is available.
The visiting minister also discussed the scope for family tourism, herbal medicine, new technology, light industry, aluminum industries and building hotels and condominiums.
He invited Saudi businessmen to visit his country to take advantage of investment opportunities and get acquainted with these opportunities, stressing that Tajikistan provides the right climate for local and foreign investment in view of the facilities and flexible procedures relating to investment.
Al-Mobty emphasized the King-dom’s keenness to develop its trade relations with Tajikistan that would achieve the common interests of the economic sectors in the two countries. He noted that Saudi relations with Tajikistan are of special interest in the work agenda of the CSC in line with the desire of the political leadership in the two countries and the aspirations of the Saudi business sectors.
He pointed out that the Saudi side will work to activate the Saudi Tajikistan Business Council and enable it to push forward trade and investment cooperation to a wider broader level.