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Talented chess player aspires to raise Syria’s flag high on int’l podiums

Lattakia, 12-year-old Hussein Abdul-Latif has proved that he is a promising talent in the chess game and managed to compete with adults.

The talented Abdul-Latif aspires to represent Syria in the international forums.

In a statement to SANA sports bulletin, Abdul-Latif said that since he loved the chess and encouraged by his parents, he joined al-Basel training center and began to exercise the game under the supervision of coach Tayseer Ahmed, who is credited with creating a good base of the game through the organization of local championships at the county level to further develop level of players in the center.

On his achievements, Abdul-Latif ranked first in his first participation in the 2016 Central Schools Championship and won the elite cup in the Republic championship in Damascus.

In 2017 he gained the silver medal of the Republic in the age categories held in Tartous province.

In 2018 he ranked first in the pioneers championship at the level of the country, gained the gold medal of the province, the gold in the championship of Lattakia schools and took first place in the championship of the province for men.

Abdul-Latif ranked first in the selective tournament for the participation in the 12-year Asia Championship scheduled for in Iran next week.

Abdul-Latif said that his participation in Fajr International Championship in Iran will be important opportunity for him to achieve his ambition to raise Syria's flag high on international podiums.

The 27th International Fajr Chess Tournament scheduled to be held in Tehran on February 5-11 , with participation of 600 chess players from around the world.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency