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The Correctionist Process is a modern national approach renewed annually by the Syrians

Damascus, Marking the 48th anniversary of the Correctionist Movement led by the Late President Hafez al-Assad , Syria has witnessed since that time political, economic, social, services reforms.

The Syrian people’s constant desire to correct and adhere to the correction approach of its achievements contributed to strengthening their steadfastness during the years of the terrorist war against Syria, and that was achieved through the army enjoying a nationalistic ideology, making heroic victories against the Takfiri terrorism and its supporters, and through the institutions, public and private syndicates and NGO’s, which were fruit o of correctionist movement in Syria and the most important factor of steadfastness during the times of war.

The Correctionist Movement made many achievements at various levels since its beginning including political, economic, social and educations, health, services and others levels.

At the political level, the Correctionist Movement unified the political parties under the Progressive National Front, opened the way for multi-parties to participate in the political decision and gave a big role for the People’s Assembly and conducted a new constitution for the country.

At the economic level, dams and factories were built, industrial and agriculture projects were opened, in addition to enhancing the role of the public sector institutions and allowing the private sector to participate in development process and improving the living conditions of Syrian workers.

Free education was provided to the students as schools and several universities were constructed in various Syrian provinces , hospital and culture centers were also built.

The society has been organized in popular organizations , trade unions and social associations that have played an active and prominent role over the recent years in combating colonialist, Zionist and Arab reactionary plans against Syria.

The correction approach continued with President Bashar al-Assad since 2000 through developing and modernizing in the state and that continued in spite of the terrorist war against Syria in 2011 ,during that year and the following one the country witnessed a package of comprehensive reforms aimed at improving the social ,economic, and political reality.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency