Monday, October 14, 2019
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Tohmeh: Escalation drags country into unknown

"Future" bloc member, Deputy Nidal Tohmeh said on Wednesday "escalation and resorting to the street will drag the country into the unknown".

The MP said that "Hezbollah is benefiting from what is happening in the country. The closure of the House of Representatives and the disruption of the Cabinet serve the interests of Hezbollah, that is engaged in the war in Syria".

The Deputy stressed the need to hold contacts and consultations in a bid to hold the Cabinet session to avoid its (Cabinet) disruption.

On the other hand, the MP told "Al-Fajr" radio that "Hezbollah is not serious regarding the nomination of Deputy Michel Aoun to the presidency because it is not asking Deputy Sleiman Franjieh to withdraw his nomination and its MPs are failing to go to parliament to elect a president".

Source: National News Agency