Türkiye and Syria – Earthquakes Fact Sheet #8, Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 (February 28, 2023)



49,470 Earthquake-related Deaths Reported in Türkiye and Syria

Media – February 2023


118,700 Number of people injured in Türkiye and Syria

Media – February 2023


173,300 Number of Damaged or Destroyed Buildings in Türkiye and Syria

UN – February 2023


610,000 People Exposed to Strong—MMI Level IV—or Above Shaking

USGS – February 2023


The February earthquakes continue to generate significant humanitarian needs among affected populations in Türkiye and Syria.


Damage and destruction to health facilities in northern Syria resulting from the earthquakes further impedes vulnerable communities’ already limited access to health care.


Earthquake-related disruptions to trade and market operations are limiting population access to critical commodities in parts of Syria and Türkiye worst affected by the earthquakes and ongoing tremors.



Source: US Agency for International Development

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