Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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UAE ready to join hands with global bodies to fight proliferation of weapons of mass destruction

Dubai: The UAE is keen on cooperating with the international community to prevent the spread of all types of weapons of mass destruction, said Dr Anwar Mohammad Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs.

Gargash pointed out that the UAE has harnessed financial and human resources by introducing national laws that enforce the monitoring of exports and cargos that pass through the country.

Gargash issued the statement when he inaugurated the 14th Export Control Conference, which kicked off its activities in Dubai yesterday, and is held under the patronage of the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and US Government.

The conference represents a forum for participants to explore challenges, and discussing practical solutions and expertise on developing and effective implementation of strategic trade control. Other topics that will be touched upon include the UN Security Council Resolution No. 1540, monitoring transit cargo for strategic commodities and dual use goods, and the importance of monitoring the transportation of strategic commodities.

The 14th International Export Control Conference has succeeded in developing the capacities of different countries to implement control on the strategic commodities to combat the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and acknowledge the importance of regulatory compliance and multilateral non-proliferation of the weapons of mass destruction.

“The UAE has set up various regulatory bodies, such as the ministry’s Committee on Commodities Subject to Import and Export Control in 2009. In cooperation with federal and local government bodies, the committee has enforced various regulations on strategic commodities that are key components in the manufacturing of the weapons of mass destruction,” Gargash said.

“The committee was successful in seizing and uncovering a number of suspicious consignments, some of which have been returned to the country of origin,” he added.

Gargash said the UAE, in cooperation with American and European teams, hosted 30 training workshops for staff of relevant government bodies, and was keen on promoting a culture of export control among these bodies. He added that training courses were also organised for private sector companies, and that through such massive efforts, the UAE has become a networking hub between countries involved in the import and export of strategic commodities due to its strategic location as a meeting point between the west and the east.

Gargash thanked the UAE side and other organisers of holding such an international event to give the UAE an opportunity to demonstrate its achievements in this respect.

He highlighted the UAE policy on development of its peaceful nuclear programme adheres to the highest specifications and standards to non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, adding that the UAE joined The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons in 1995.