Thursday, November 21, 2019
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UK shadow government voices rejection of UK involvement in Syria

London, UK shadow government has voiced rejection of any UK troops on the Syrian territories.

In 2016, BBC broadcasted exclusive pictures showing troops from the British Special Forces operating on the ground in Syria under the pretext of fighting Daesh (ISIS). This revelation was preceded by a report published by the Sunday Times which exposed a covert role played by British Special Forces which infiltrated into Syria coming from Jordan.

UK has been involved in a US-led illegal alliance since August 2014 whose stated goal was to eliminate ISIS, a claim contradicted by facts on the ground as the Coalition became culprit in massacres against the Syrians, not to mention the large-scale damage it caused to infrastructure in many Syrian areas, namely Raqqa city.

Emily Thornberry, UK shadow Foreign Secretary, urged in remarks to magazine Prospect the foreign forces, including the British, to leave Syria because they are not fighting for the Syrian people,'' asking the British government to throw its weight behind the inter-Syrian dialogue congress in Russia's Sochi.

When asked about the so-called Syrian revolution, Thornberry dismissed it as nonexistent.

Meanwhile, the UK official used the interview to point to the overwhelming popular support for president Bashar al-Assad, a fact that the West has been trying to obscure.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency