Tuesday, January 28, 2020
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(UPDATE) Aoun tackles developments with Baabda visitors, praises opening of Naseeb crossing

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, praised "the agreement reached between the Jordanian and Syrian authorities to open the Naseeb border crossing between the two countries," noting that "this will also benefit Lebanon and reconnect it by land to its Arab depth, allowing the movement of people and goods from and to Arab countries and vice versa."

President Aoun stressed that "opening this vital crossing after three years of closure will revive the various productive sectors and reduce the cost of exporting goods from Lebanon to Arab countries."

"All the officials in Lebanon must seize every available opportunities to support national economy, preserve the interests of citizens, and rally around a unified national vision to promote the economy, and meet the challenges of the current crisis," Aoun stressed.

The President received at Baabda Palace Caretaker Minister of State for Combating Corruption, Nicolas Tueni, who briefed him on the outcome of his visit to Sudanese President, Omar Hassan Ahmad Al-Bashir.

Tueni had been on a visit to Sudan to extend to its president an official invitation to attend the Arab Economic Summit, which will be held in the Lebanese capital of Beirut.

The Minister relayed Al-Bashir's promise to attend the summit with an accompanying delegation. The Sudanese President also lauded President Michel Aoun's endeavors to preserve Lebanon's stability. He also heaped praise on the significant role that Lebanese businessmen played refreshing the Sudanese economy with their investments.

Tueni also mentioned the possibility of weaving visas to Sudan in a bid to bolster cooperation between both countries.

The President later welcomed the newly appointed Balamand University President, Elias Al-Warrak, in the presence of Caretaker National Defense Minister, Yacoub Sarraf.

Talks reportedly touched on the status quo of University education in Lebanon, and the significant role of Lebanese University preparing a new generation of Lebanese youth to shape Lebanon's future.

Aoun received as well Caretaker Minister of Tourism, Avedis Guidanian, with talks touching on the general situation in the country, as well as on developments concerning the cabinet formation process, especially the Armenian representation in the new cabinet.

Aoun also met with the Army's chief of staff, General Hatem Malak, marking the latter's retirement.

Source: National News Agency