Update-Mikdad hands over results of sorting of ballots of Syrians abroad to Higher Judicial Committee for Elections

Damascus – Foreign and Expatriates Minister Faysal Mikdad handed over Higher Judicial Committee for Elections the results of sorting of ballots of Syrians abroad who cast their votes to the presidential elections in the presence of Minister of Justice, Judge Ahmad al-Sayyed.

Chairman of Higher Judicial Committee for Elections (HJCE) , Samer Zemreik, confirmed in a press conference that the results of the elections abroad will be combined with the results of the elections inside that will be held next Wednesday, and then the final results will be announced.

Zamreik pointed out that the number of polling stations in all provinces reached up 12,000, which could be increased during the next two days according to need and necessity, adding that the number of polling stations and ballot boxes in Damascus countryside is the largest ones.

Mikdad said the presidential elections for the Syrians abroad were held in 46 ballot boxes at the Syrian embassies and it was proceeded positively and democratic atmospheres

Mikdad added from the far end of the world in Sydney, Australia to the ends of the world in Chile, the Syrians headed for their embassies hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands to assure the world that they stand by the homeland and they were able to exercise their electoral right.

He went on saying that tens of thousands of Syrian citizens from all regions of Lebanon headed to the Syrian embassy in Beirut, but if the brutal attacks had not been committed against them, the electoral process would have lasted for two, three, and four days in case the Judicial Committee had allowed.

Minister Mikdad condemned the attacks on Syrian voters in Lebanon.

“We believe that the Lebanese government will assume responsibility to deal with issue,” said he.

He added Syria welcomes all its citizens, who have been prevented from exercising their electoral right in Lebanon to go to Syria to exercise this right.

He added that “The Syrians will prove again in the next few hours that they are committed to their homeland, reconstructing it , as well as combating terrorism, and they stand by their homeland and army are going ahead until the final victory is achieved.

For his part, Minister of Justice, Judge Ahmad al-Sayyed, voiced appreciation of the Higher Judicial Committee for Elections, which manages the electoral process until the end in a transparent and neutral manner, as stipulated in Article 8 of Law No. 5 for the year 2014.



Source: Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)

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