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Updated � Prime Minister: One of the government’s main titles is combating corruption

Damascus, - Prime Minister Imad Khamis stressed that the government adopts a distinguished mechanism for managing the basic resources in the optimal way and it works basically on improving and developing the production process.

In an interview with the Syrian TV channel on Monday, Khamis said that despite the challenges and the huge terrorist war, Syria has been able to confront this war on the political, service, military and security levels.

He added that the war launched against Syria is fierce and that the participants in this war have worked on destroying the infrastructure in it.

The Premier referred to the big challenges facing the Syrian citizens in many of the service sectors, particularly the high prices and the shortage in some of the daily life basic needs such as the power, electricity and others.

He affirmed that the state establishments concerned with the services and the economic situation of the citizens have performed their duty optimally during the crisis in parallel with the achievements of the army and armed forces in the war against terrorism.

The government has set a vision to develop the resources and to use them in the optimal way to support the armed forces and the relatives of the martyrs and the wounded and to strengthen the resilience of the Syrian state, Khamis said.

He indicated that the economic team of the government meets weekly to discuss the living and economic conditions of the citizens and means of improving them and enhancing the resources.

Premier Khamis affirmed that combating all forms of corruption is one of the top priorities of the Syrian government and that the citizens should also shoulder their responsibilities in fighting corruption.

He added that work is underway for setting a regulatory mechanism for giving import licenses to combat the monopolism and to import what is required for restoring the production process of the factories, developing the agricultural sector and providing the basic needs of the citizens.

Khamis shed light on the role of the national media in facing the terrorist war launched against Syria and in disclosing the lies of about 800 media outlets which have participated in this war, indicating that the national media has played a significant role in enhancing the confidence between the citizens and the government.

He asserted that the support in the domains of education, health and electricity has never receded, expect with regard to the oil products, adding that the government works on enhancing the product and developing.

The Premier said that after six years of the terrorist war against Syria, the USD exchange rate is still about SYP 500, affirming that this is a great achievement by the Syrian state.

Regarding the relatives of the martyrs and wounded, the Minister added that there will be new amendments in the executive mechanism of employing them and alleviating their suffering, adding that with regard to the injured, there will be an economic project that will be declared later.

He said that the government has also prepared 423 temporary makeshift housing centers for the displaced.

Premier Khamis stressed that the Syrian government started to prepare a study, since the first days of expelling the armed terrorist groups from Darya city, for rehabilitating and developing the infrastructure in the city, asserting that the city needs between SYP 30 to 40 billion for the rehabilitation of the states facilities , hospitals, roads and electricity.

On the relief issue, he underlined that the Syrian state shouldered its full responsibilities as it offered services, aid and support even to the hard-to-reach areas, pointing out that the terrorist organizations are responsible for preventing the delivery of the relief supplies to Aleppo where they targeted the aid convoys with shells.

Khamis said that achieving the local reconciliations is a parallel part with the achievements of the Syrian armed forces, asserting that the Syrian state has adopted several measures and decrees to encourage those reconciliations.

The Prime Minister asserted that the work is underway for developing legislations and administrative measures to enhance the economic exchange with the friendly countries and develop work mechanism of the ports, customs, exports and imports process and insuring investment opportunities.

He pointed out that the government is shouldering its responsibilities in regard with reactivating the industrial sector in wide steps through the governmental sector and its industrial establishments.

In regard with the tourist sector, he emphasized the government's determination to develop and enhance tourism in the country.

He pointed out that there is a cooperation mechanism with the friendly countries regarding the transport sector.

Khamis said that the government has set a plan to eliminate the challenges facing the energy sector.

The government's statement to rely on human development came from our belief that building the human being is more important, Premier Khamis concluded.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)