Tuesday, September 17, 2019
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US Takes New Measures to Block Turkey’s Military Operations in Eastern Syria

TEHRAN The US has set up new watchtowers in Hasaka province in Northeastern Syria near the border with Turkey in a bid to prevent a Turkish Army offensive in the region.

The Kurdish-language Bas News website quoted informed sources as saying that the US-led coalition forces have set up observation posts near the town of al-Darbasieh close to the border with Turkey in Hasaka province.

The sources noted that this measure has taken place after Turkey's mortar attacks on Ra'as al-Ain region preempt possible military operations against Kurdish forces, and said the US-led coalition and the Kurdish militia have also dispatched new military equipment to al-Darbasieh town and villages of Ra'as al-Ain and maintained a state of alert.

Meantime, with intensified differences between the US and Turkey as NATO members in creating a safe zone in Syria, Ankara has threatened to conduct military operations against Kurdish militia in Eastern Euphrates.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) also announced that Turkey and its allied militants have prepared for conducting an upcoming military operation against the US-backed forces in Northeastern Syria.

In a relevant development on Monday, the US Army forwarded tens of trucks containing logistical aid and military equipment to Hasaka province as Turkey is preparing for massive military operation against Washington-backed Kurdish militias in Northeastern Syria.

The pro-militant Smart news website reported that a new US military convoy had crossed into Syria's Hasaka province from Iraq via Simalka crossing.

It noted that the US convoy, comprising 100 trucks carrying military vehicles and fuel as well as a number of covered trucks, had arrived at the US military base in Tal Bidar region in Hasaka province.

Battlefield sources, meantime, reported that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has sent massive military equipment, including heavy weaponry to areas under their control from Ain al-Arab (Kobani) to Ain Issa and the border city of Tal Abyaz in Raqqa province.

In a relevant development late last month, the SOHR reported that hundreds of trucks loaded with logistics and military support had arrived in areas under control of the SDF in Hasaka province in Northeastern Syria from the US bases in Northern Iraq.

The SOHR noted that the US army had sent over 1,380 trucks packed with military equipment to Northeastern Syria for its military bases and military airports in Eastern Euphrates and Hasaka province in Northeastern Syria via Simalka crossing in Northern Iraq.

Source: Fars News Agency