Sunday, May 31, 2020
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Varun has gone astray: Priyanka tells voters

Making a scathing attack on cousin Varun Gandhi, a BJP leader, Priyanka Vadra on Saturday said Varun had been led astray and that it was the duty of the people to point him in the right direction.
“It is true that Varun is my brother and he is contesting the elections from Sultanpur. But I do not want you to think he is a Gandhi. The Gandhi family has shed its blood for this country. He must understand that politics cannot be divisive; it must unite people. He must learn that this is not how one does politics. Your vote must teach him to learn the language of love and unity,” said Priyanka at a closed door meeting of party workers in Munshiganj guest house.
The videos which were later leaked in the press, shows Priyanka talking with a small gathering of party workers with Congress’ Sultanpur Lok Sabha candidate Ameeta Singh in the background.
Clear appealing for Sultanpur to vote against Varun, Priyanka added, “Sometimes, when people are led astray, it is for the people to show him the right path. In politics, people’s vote wields that power. If a young one in family loses his way, it is for the family’s elders to show him the right path. You all are also a part of our family. Show my brother the path of love and brotherhood for all. People of Sultanpur should not just vote for the constituency but for the entire country.”