Volunteers from different nationalities participates in organising dispatch of Russian relief aid

Foreign Affairs

Moscow-SANA – A team of volunteers of different nationalities participated in organizing relief aid and donations to the Syrian Embassy in Moscow, to be sent to those affected by the earthquake in Syria.


The team flocked to the headquarters of the Syrian Embassy in Moscow to complete collecting and sorting the aid, to be loaded into trucks and transported to Syria, under the supervision of the Syrian Ambassador in Moscow, Dr. Bashar al-Ja’afari.


In an interview with Iranian television, Ambassador al-Ja’afari commended the Russian governmental and popular solidarity with Syria since the first day of the earthquake, referring to the aid provided by Russia to the affected people, in addition to the civil aid that was donated at the embassy and transported by Syrian air.


Al-Ja’afari made it clear that the West is based on their own interests not on human morals in providing aid, indicating that Western countries do not hesitate to use humanitarian slogans to achieve certain material interests.


“Syria is subjected to immoral discrimination from the West, even in humanitarian issues” al-Jaafari added.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency