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Wehbe: Aoun confirms Lebanon belongs to Arab family

MP Amine Wehbe said during a radio interview on Thursday that the President's first official visit abroad was a historic one, albeit it did not mean that all domestic problems have been resolved.

President Michel Aoun was on an official visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which concluded today.

Wehbe noted that the trip revitalized communication between Lebanon and Arab countries, adding that "Aoun confirmed with this visit that Lebanon belonged to the Arab family."

Touching on Hezbollah's involvement in the conflict in Syria, the MP was certain that the Cabinet would not discuss this matter in its sessions; alluding to the point that such a discussion would be explosive.

"Despite the positive atmosphere, divergence over core matters remained, especially the matter of the arms of Hezbollah."

He urged Hezbollah to prioritize the interest of Lebanon and the Lebanese, as this would facilitate the mission of Lebanese officials.

Within the context of Hezbollah's arms, Wehbe refused a legislative electoral law based on proportionality as long as weapons outside the bounds of the state existed. However, he was optimistic about all concerned parties reaching a law that satisfied everyone.

"I support either holding legislative elections on time, or making a technical extension [for the Parliament's mandate], as long as the possibility of producing a new law that bolsters democracy existed."

Source: National News Agency