Sunday, May 31, 2020
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WFP Plan To Provide Humanitarian Aid Deliveries By Air In Syria

In 15 of the areas assessed, if land access is not granted, helicopter operations are the only viable option.  These are all urban or semi-urban areas and include Madaya, Darayya, Moadamiya and Duma. High-altitude airdrops to those locations are not possible owing to the risk of harming people on the ground along the path between release of the cargo from the airplane and the actual landing zone. This path can be up to 5 km.

•    At least 11 helicopters will be required to meet the monthly needs of those trapped in these besieged areas.

•    High altitude airdrops may be possible to Foah and Kafraya (Idlib Governorate), where an estimated 20,000 people are trapped.

•    High altitude airdrops will be continued to Deir Ez-Zour.

On the basis of the ISSG assessment of the situation as of 1 June WFP is now activating the plan.  This includes preparing a clearance request for submission by the Humanitarian Coordinator to the Syrian authorities.

In order to implement the plan it will be necessary to have both funding and all necessary clearances in place.

WFP is committed to working with all parties to ensure we use every means necessary to provide the humanitarian assistance required to save lives.



Source: World Food Programme