Saturday, June 6, 2020
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World Bank delegation visits Abi Khalil

Minister of Energy, Cesar Abi Khalil, received on Thursday a delegation from the World Bank chaired by the World Bank Vice President for Water, World Bank Regional Director and local bank officials, in the presence of Director of Beirut and Mount Lebanon Water Establishment, Joseph Nseir.

Minister Abi Khalil discussed with his visitors ways to supply Beirut town with water and to build Besri dam.

The Minister thanked the Bank for its support in the implementation of major projects that would contribute significantly to the national security of the country.

He also drew the attention of his visitors to the electricity sector, which suffers from great pressure, because of the number of refugees that was increasing.

He called on the international delegation to adopt rapid administrative mechanisms for the implementation of above-mentioned projects as soon as possible.

The Vice President highlighted the World Bank's continuing support for Lebanon to address all its problems, notably those resulting from the Syrian refugee crisis.

Source: National News Agency