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World Diabetes Day.. Diabetes kills one person every six seconds

Damascus� The World Diabetes Day is marked today amid warnings against an increase in the prevalence of disease to hit 642 million people living with diabetes in 2040 compared to 415 millions in 2015, according to International Diabetes Federation (IDF) statistics.

The theme of World Diabetes Day 2016 is Eyes on Diabetes. The year's activities and materials will focus on promoting the importance of screening to ensure early diagnosis of type 2 diabetes and treatment to reduce the risk of serious complications.

Diabetes kills one person every six seconds, according to the International Diabetes Federation. In 2015, an estimated 5 million people died due to diabetes-related complications.

Member of the Syrian Diabetes Association, Haitham Abu Arraj said that the number of cases of diabetes in Syria varied between 12 to 14% and it might reach 20% in areas of cousin marriage.

He attributed the spread of diabetes disease to a number of factors including the change of life style unhealthy diets, physical inactivity, and increasing obesity.

He reviewed the main symptoms of diabetes which are excessive thirst, urinating more frequently than usual, particularly at night, blurred vision, extreme fatigue, pain in legs.

The Syrian Diabetes Association (SDA) founded in 1972, became an IDF member in 1992, and participates actively in all MENA region activities. The SDA mission is to help, improve the life of people with diabetes, unify and organize the efforts of people living and working with diabetes, collaborate with worldwide organizations, and develop a diabetes prevention program in Syria.

Activities scheduled to celebrate this special day include: free blood glucose test campaign in front of al-Mowasat Hospital and preparing a mini study of number of diabetes cases, in addition to an exhibition for children with diabetes at Abu Rummaneh and a scientific day on November 24th, 2016 .

The Syrian Health Ministry provides, through its main centers across the provinces, free diagnosis and medical treatment services to people with diabetes whose number reached 181 thousands.

The World Diabetes Day is annually observed on November 14. It marks the birthday of Frederick Banting who along with Charles Best and John James Rickard Macleod, first conceived the idea which led to the discovery of insulin in 1922.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency