World Peace Council’s members: Adhered to supporting Syrian people’s struggle against terrorism

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Damascus, Members of the World Peace Council and the International Young Democrat Union (IYDU) stressed at the end of their meetings that the Syrian people only are the ones who are responsible for deciding their future, unity and sovereignty.

In a statement on Wednesday during a press conference at Rida Said Conference Center at Damascus University, they indicated that the struggle of the Syrian people against terrorism and imperialism is an example to follow by all the peoples of the world who are struggling for their just causes and to be liberated from exploitation and imperialism.

The statement added that the great heroism of the Syrian people show the possibility of defeating the imperialist enemy no matter how powerful it is.

The members expressed their deep respect of the solid resistance of the Syrian people and army which liberated many cities and areas from terrorism and which seeks to liberate every inch of the Syrian territories including the occupied Syrian Golan.

They affirmed full support to the struggle of the Syrian people till achieving the final and full victory against terrorism.

The statement also condemned the schemes and sanctions which aim at undermining the Syrian people through the terrorist practices and under false pretexts, denouncing the new schemes which aim at achieving the organized provocation under the pretext of using chemical weapons or the mass destruction weapons which hasn't been proved.

It condemned the invasion and occupation of parts of the Syrian territories in northern Syria by the Turkish forces and it condemned the presence of the US and NATO forces in the area to the east of the Euphrates and their military base in al-Tanf near the Syrian-Jordanian-Iraqi borders.

The members expressed happiness over the return of normal life to Syria after defeating Daesh (ISIS) terrorists and the other terrorist groups.

Answering journalists' questions, President of the World Peace Council, Maria do Socorro Gomes said that the Syrian people have proven that it is one of the peoples who can't be defeated and they will soon celebrate the full and final victory against terrorism.

President al-Assad has proven that he is a great leader who strongly struggles to preserve the sovereignty of his country, and due to his bravery, he gained a great respect, Gomez affirmed.

Regarding the meeting between the delegations and President al-Assad, Gomez expressed gratitude for this meeting, indicating that President al-Assad underlined the importance of the internal dialogue to reach peace in Syria and to end the war and he underlined the importance of dialogue and rapprochement with the friendly nations and peoples.

Chairman of the International Young Democrat Union (IYDU) asserted that the Union will continue to support the Syrian people, indicating that the delegations will take all the reports which they have gathered on Syria and will submit them to international organizations to benefit from them in supporting the struggle of the Syrian people against terrorism.

For his part, Chairman of the Foreign Relations at the National Union of Syrian Students (NUSS) Arshid Sayasineh expressed appreciation and thanks for the solidarity of the participants with Syria, indicating that all will be invited soon to celebrate the achievement of the final and full victory against terrorism.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency