World Tourism Organisation delegates, Arab ministers visit Umm Qais

Jordan’s Tourism Minister, Makram Qaisi, accompanied Thursday the Regional Director for the Middle East at the World Tourism Organization and delegations from the ministries of tourism of the Arab countries members of the regional committee on a tour to Umm Qais in Irbid. Qaisi told the Jordan News Agency that the visit comes after the World Tourism Organisation selected the village of Umm Qais as one of the “best” tourist villages in the world. He said that the organisation chose Umm Qais for its tourist and historical value, adding that the choice would reflect positively on the members of the local community economically and increase the number of tourists. The delegation was briefed on the most prominent tourist, historical and archaeological sites that characterise Umm Qais and on the products and handicrafts made by the local communities in the village.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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