Tuesday, December 10, 2019
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Youth business expo searching for more opportunities

Prince Mishaal bin Abdullah, governor of Makkah, inaugurated Jeddah Young Business Expo, the 6th annual youth business exhibition, and Jeddah Week of Entrepreneurs on Monday at the Jeddah Center for Forums & Exhibitions.
The three-day exhibition remains open for the general public till Thursday. The Jeddah week of Entrepreneurs will however continue till Feb.27 with 50 different activities, including workshops, training courses, lectures, meetings, seminars, and programs at schools, universities and malls. Success stories of the pioneers, including the participation of entrepreneurial experts, policy-makers, education practitioners and self-development trainers will also be presented during both morning and evening hours.
The Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) has organized the event with the cooperation of the government and private sectors under the theme “Searching for more opportunities.”
The event will also witness Pioneer of the Year Business Award that JCCI will launch with the cooperation of Ernst & Young Global aimed at honoring the creativity of individuals, institutions, and encourage the growth of businesses where companies from more than 140 world cities will participate.
More than 200 entrepreneurs of small and large businessmen and women have participated to showcase their innovative products, services to an expected attendance of more than 20,000 visitors. This is termed as the most important and largest event of the year that provide a platform for young entrepreneurs to introduce themselves and their businesses.
Among the goals of this year’s Jeddah Youth Business Exhibition and week of entrepreneurs is to offer guidance, directions, expert advice, and financial support to help small businesses grow and produce successful businessmen and women.
Prince Mishaal stated that our youth is our future who will help in developing the country and progress of the nation.
He called on the youth to work hard and complete their education and take advantage of learning to help in the development and progress of the country and added that this event is an excellent opportunity for the Saudi youth.
This exhibition will help in establishing new opportunities for business and in the development of the country’s economy, help the youth in developing their own business with intelligence, knowledge and training and will power.
Fawzi Khaiyat, director of the 6th Youth Business Exhibition, said the event itself and the Jeddah Week of Entrepreneurs will open the door and help in providing more opportunities in the market to entrepreneurs to market their products.
This exhibition will create a bond between well known investors and young entrepreneurs, and due to the presence of prominent governmental authorities obstacles faced by businessmen will be overcome. This will also pave the way for new pioneers and entrepreneurs who will contribute in providing job opportunities to young people, he added.
He also said that during the entrepreneur week, visits to eight commercial plants will be organized. Schools and shopping malls will be involved in the preparation of campaigns to learn business activities.
JCCI Vice President Ziyad bin Bassam Al-Bassam said the Jeddah Entrepreneurship Week and exhibition aims to expose people to the benefits of entrepreneurship through different activities and to motivate them to explore their own entrepreneurial ideas.
The National Commercial Bank (NCB) announced that it will help the entrepreneurs in establishing small businesses.
The NCB helped 5,861 young men and women in establishing their small and medium businesses in the past one year with the help of 46 municipalities, JCCI and other organizations, universities and charitable organizations of different cities of the Kingdom.