Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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YouTube gibberish talker finds fame

A 19-year-old Finnish supermarket cashier with millions of internet fans of her language imitation YouTube video is heading for America hoping her gibberish hit will open up a new career.

In two weeks, Sara Maria Forsberg’s ‘What languages sound like to a foreigner’ has drawn more than nine million viewings, transforming her into a sought-after celebrity that prompted the mayor of her hometown of Pietarsaari to hand her the town keys as a gesture of appreciation.

Mayor Mikael Jakobsson says she ‘likely is the most famous person ever’ to have been born in the coastal town of 20,000 inhabitants.

Her agent Jere Hietala said Forsberg was headed for Los Angeles on March 29 after ‘numerous advertising-related companies’ had been in touch.