Zainab, a symbol of strong Syrian women who master the art of living,


Damascus, I will not surrender. I refuse to be victimized by war, said Zainab, a Syrian woman who managed to protect her family and survive 7 years of pain, suffering and atrocities of terrorist organizations in Eastern Ghouta.

Twenty days ago, Zainab and her family left her house in Hamouriya town in the Eastern Ghouta and stayed at Herjalleh makeshift center. Sewing has become a source of livelihood and, as a seamstress, she started to sew and mend clothes for other displaced people at affordable cost.

She related details of the suffering and the big lie they had to live when they were under the siege of terrorists as well as the difficulties she had to endure in order to sewing supplied such as fabrics, threads, yarns and other accessories.

Zainab said that a lady from Daraya who has been living in the center for more than a year gave her the sewing machine, adding that she is now working together with other women in repairing, lengthening and shortening clothes at low costs.

She expressed gratitude to everyone who helped her and her family start again after losing hope that they could survive the crimes perpetrated by the terrorists, noting that life is not a matter of eating and drinking, girls should learn how to be strong and have the courage to struggle and keep alive in the worst of circumstances.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency