Saturday, September 21, 2019
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Zakharova: Humanitarian situation in Syria is improving

Zakharova, in a press conference on Thursday, expressed concern that the alleged anti-ISIS international coalition led by the US killed more 200 civilians in Syria, saying that these acts are unacceptable and they are done through circumventing the resolutions of the UN Security Council and without the acceptance of the Syrian Government.

She called upon the coalition to conduct its strikes with preciseness, indicating that Russia is implementing what was agreed upon in Astana statement in cooperation with the guarantor states.

She affirmed that Russia is ready to exchange information with all the parties who are seeking to strengthen the cessation of hostilities regime and to create the suitable atmosphere for the political dialogue.

Zakharova said that the so-called White Helmets group fabricated a photo for child Omran Danqeesh from eastern Aleppo and they claimed that he was a victim of one of the Russian airstrikes during a military operation for liberating the area from terrorists.

She added that the American CNN channel and other Western mass media exploited the photo to make false accusations against Russia and the Syrian Arab army.

Earlier, Omran's father revealed the details of the lies made by the so-called White Helmets, with the father affirming that a terrorist group snatched his child Omran from his hands after he was injured in Karm al-Qaterji neighborhood in Aleppo, and they took photos of the child with the sole aim of exploiting them via hostile media outlets.

Zakharova indicated that Western journalists circulate fabricated news items to achieve their goals, change the international public opinion and to build their private agenda in Syria instead of facing terrorism.

She called upon the Western media outlets to visit Syria and to meet child Omran and his family and to broadcast a real photo report on his life and on the situation in Syria in general instead of showing fabricated photos.

She added that the military operations against the ISIS are continued in the southern areas in Deir Ezzor.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency