Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Zamil Steel produces ‘largest’ regional inlet separator

Dammam-based Zamil Steel Process Equipment Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of Zamil Industrial, recently designed and produced the “largest inlet separator built in the region” for use at the Saudi Aramco’s Wasit project.
The apparatus separates gas from liquid as it comes out of the well while maintaining pressure of up to 100 BAR.
With its six-inch thick steel plate and weight of 690 tons, the huge inlet separator was a challenging task for the company’s engineers and technicians, who managed to assemble and weld the pieces together in record time, preparing the device for use at the client’s project site.
The company stated that the vessel is also coated with a 3.2 mm thick layer of steel, protecting it from potential blasts that may result from the high internal pressure generated during operation.
The extraordinary vessel measures 31 meters long and 6.4 meters in diameter, with a capacity of up to 789 cubic meters.
The statement said: “Engineers used the newest and most advanced software in the industry to design and produce the initial and final 3D prototypes, which also contributed to the acceleration of the production process and eliminated any possibility of fabrication rework due to unforeseen circumstances.”
Abdulla M. Al-Zamil, CEO of Zamil Industrial, said: “This achievement in engineering, which was accomplished by national talent, is another success for the company as well as the Saudi work force that participated in this project.”
Al-Zamil added: “It demonstrates the engineering and technical capabilities of Saudi industries that enable superior performance over the competition. Zamil Industrial has succeeded in investing in national work force competencies and is committed to providing training and career opportunities that utilize the skills and talents of Saudis.”