Monday, October 14, 2019
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Zasypkin pushes for wide coalition to combat terrorism

Russian Ambassador to Lebanon, Alexander Zasypkin, ratcheted up the pressure on regional and international powers to form a wide coalition to combat the rampant terrorism that's been shaking cities like Syria's Aleppo and different parts of the world.

"We are keen on pursuing efforts to swiftly halt the war in Syria. On their part, Moscow and Damascus have committed to agreements and taken the necessary measures towards this end," the Russian diplomat said in an address he gave marking "Maraya Lobnan" 5th anniversary, which was held at the Russian Cultural Center in presence of ambassadors, officials, and dignitaries.

"We are keen on establishing active cooperation with the Syrian Army (...). The U.S. has breached its part of the commitment and has not differentiated between the so-called moderate opposition and terrorists. It is more than evident that there is no difference between the moderate opposition and terrorist organizations such as Al-Nusra front, which was supposed to be jointly stricken by U.S.-Russian warplanes. Instead, the U.S. Army launched airstrikes against the Syrian Army in Deir Al-Zour coupled with a terrorist attack against the same location," the diplomat said, regretting that the entire agreement has been disregarded by the US.

Zasypkin vehemently condemned the use of terrorism to disintegrate nations and topple regimes, opting to cleave to international legitimacy, justice, coexistence, and partnership among all those endeavoring in defense of people's rights.

"Washington and its allies have accused Russia of targeting a humanitarian convoy without supporting their claim with any facts. The west has been adopting these means to hold Russia responsible not only for the situation in Syria, but also for that in Ukraine."

The Russian Ambassador also dismissed most recent insinuations, by the US Department of State envoy, about possible terror acts in Russia as an open invitation for such criminal acts.

"We will not succumb to these threats," Zasypkin said, stressing the important role of independent media relaying just and fair news to the peoples of the world.

Source: National News Agency