Agricultural lands burned in Turkish occupation shelling, Aleppo northern countryside

Aleppo- Large areas of agricultural land were burned as a result of the Turkish occupation forces and its terrorist mercenaries’ attack with artillery and rocket shells on the vicinity of a number of villages in Aleppo northern countryside.


Local sources told SANA that fires broke out in large areas of fields planted with wheat and barley in the vicinity of Tal Refaat city as a result of being deliberately targeted with heavy artillery and rocket shells by the Turkish occupation forces and its terrorist mercenaries since yesterday evening until dawn today.


The sources pointed out that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries bombed, with heavy artillery, the village of Mar’anaz and Aqlmiyeh in the vicinity of Afrin City in the northern countryside which led to the burning of areas of cultivated land and some of the locals’ property and the public facilities.


Since the start of the Turkish aggression on Syrian territory in October 2019, al-Jazeera region has witnessed multiple fires that destroyed thousands of hectares planted with wheat and barley as a result of the attacks of the Turkish occupation and the terrorist organizations loyal to it, deliberately using artillery and missile shells.


The illegitimate US coalition aircraft on the other hand shell the lands in al-Jazeera region in order to deprive the locals of the resources of their livelihood and pressure them to force them to cooperate with them or push them to leave their areas, in addition to continuing to target the Syrian economy in light of the siege imposed by Western countries led by Washington on Syria.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)

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