Ambassador Haddad: success of presidential election affirms Syrian people’s determination to defeat terrorism

Moscow-Syria’s Ambassador in Moscow, Riad Haddad, said on Tuesday that the success of presidential election in Syria affirms the Syrian people’s determination to defeat terrorism and liberate their country from occupation.

“As you saw, millions of Syrians have taken part in the election entitlement as an expression of their commitment to national unity, policy and their president Bashar al-Assad who has withstood against the 10-year terrorist war,” the Syrian Ambassador added at a press conference in Moscow upon an invitation by Rossiya Segodnya news agency.

Ambassador Haddad affirmed that the electoral process at the Syrian embassy in Moscow was held without any obstacles, adding that this entitlement, in general, was run in accordance with the Syrian constitution as scheduled.

He said that thousands of Syrians flocked from all Russian cities to their embassy in Moscow and the embassy doors were also open for media representatives.

Haddad added that the election process in Syria was also organized at the highest level and were accompanied by delegations from the Russian Duma and the Federation of Russia, as these delegations observed the level of Syria’s commitment to the rules governing the electoral process as well as the transparency and integrity of the election as they were free from faults, unlike many elections in the countries that accuse Syria.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)