Ascensia Launches the Diabetes Management and Analytics Platform

BASEL, Switzerland, May 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Ascensia Diabetes Care, a leading global diabetes care company, has today announced that it has launched, a browser based diabetes management and analytics platform that enables data driven care for people using one of the meters in the CONTOUR® blood glucose monitoring portfolio. Through a single platform, people with diabetes (PWDs) can access their diabetes data online and share it with their healthcare providers (HCPs) and caregivers through dedicated web Apps. - Connecting the Dots in Diabetes Management

Using makes gathering, accessing and sharing blood glucose data straightforward for PWDs. The easy-to-use and intuitive cloud-based platform, opens directly in the browser and provides a simple wizard for data download. For those using one of the connected meters in the CONTOUR® portfolio it gathers data directly from the CONTOUR®DIABETES app or CONTOUR Cloud. It also provides the option for those not using a connected meter to share their data via a cable, which requires a simple single step installation, with no forced restart and the appropriate devices are found automatically. Once the data has been downloaded, the platform allows users to conveniently view data, generate reports and share them across their care team.

For HCPs and caregivers, allows them to easily view data, such as blood glucose measurements, insulin dosing, food and activity by simply opening a user profile on the platform, once the user has granted them permission.

In addition, the platform incorporates industry leading innovations and other features that address some of the challenges and concerns that HCPs and PWDs have experienced with existing platforms. These include the ability to instantly onboard patients through QR codes or a simple one-click invitation; the option for PWDs to store data in their own personal cloud drive or offline storage; and the ability to generate easy-to-read color coded charts and reports to speed up and make it easier for HCPs to analyze the data, alongside interactive aggregations or groupings.

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Rob Schumm, President at Ascensia Diabetes Care commented: “Simplifying and improving the lives of people living with diabetes through innovative solutions is at the heart of all we do at Ascensia and the platform is a step towards achieving that. It has been borne out of clearly defined unmet needs from both healthcare professionals and people with diabetes. From its simple installation through to the functions that enable quick and easy access and analysis of data, it provides a valuable and uncomplicated way to share and use blood glucose and other data to help clinicians and people optimize their diabetes management.”

The platform, which has been piloted in Spain and KSA over the last six months, will be available in Slovenia, Italy, Poland, UK and Ireland by the end of Q2 and in Romania, Czech Republic, Serbia, Portugal, Bulgaria and Bosnia by the end of Q3, 2021. The long-term goal is to offer in all the 58 markets where the CONTOUR®DIABETES app is available for download, subject to technical requirements being met. is the outcome of a collaboration between Ascensia and SdNcenter, a Polish-based company specialized in delivering high-tech healthcare and integration solutions for enterprise customers worldwide. Through this cooperation is has been possible to build a platform which has the scalability to handle data from over 150 million patients, 10,000 clinics and 100,000 HCPs. It has also been designed to be able to collect additional data from other devices in the future, such as FitBit, Apple Health, Google Health and Smart Scales.

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