Award-Winning Craftsmanship of GAC MOTOR

GUANGZHOU, China, May 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —  Craftsmanship is a core concept at GAC MOTOR. “Craftsmanship” separates pure car making and car crafting with ingenuity, skill, and passion.

The Pursuit of Craftsmanship

GAC’s success in this area was recently demonstrated by the two GAC MOTOR models which won prestigious awards at the iF Design awards in Germany this year: the all-electric concept car, the all-electric concept car known as the Eno.146 and the all-electric Aion LX SUV.

The Eno.146 combines an amazing six-seater capacity with a striking .146 drag coefficient, making it highly aerodynamic and setting a new record for all-electric vehicles. It incorporates a beautiful gullwing exterior design and sweeping tail, as well as small, clever details such as the removal of side glass components and complete flattening of wheel frames to minimize wind resistance.

The Aion LX SUV was praised for its “unique aerodynamic proportions and intelligent design”, which create a “hybrid experience of super sports car and super-luxurious living room.”

GAC MOTOR vehicles combine the results of years of relentless work in multiple domains. From artistic designs, to independent technology research, to road testing and customer feedback. GAC does it with driver enjoyment in mind to craft a beautiful vehicle in which every detail is thoughtfully designed and well made, creating an enjoyable driving experience and lasting value for every buyer.

Chinese Craftsmanship: Chasing the Future

Craftsmanship also means embracing and exploring the manufacturing capacities of the future. A passionate craftsman will always look for ways to improve products and production methods. Moving with the times to ensure that rather than settling for the norm, customers are provided with ever more exciting and satisfying experience.

The GAC Group is making a strong push towards electrification and has poured billions of yuan of funding into GAC R&D research centers across the globe. Electric cars are the future, and the many designers and engineers working behind the scenes at GAC work nonstop to create exciting and ever more powerful electric vehicles.

Craftsmanship means taking joy in these accolades, but never being satisfied and never stopping in the pursuit of even better products. Faster, more efficient, more affordable, and more enjoyable to drive; these are the standards that GAC MOTOR continually sets for itself as a brand, steadily and surely building a global reputation for extremely well-made cars.

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