CoinsPaid is nominated for the Payment Provider of the Year Award!

CoinsPaid is one of the top globally recognized providers in crypto processing and manages 5% of all BTC transactions.

TALLINN, Estonia, May 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Transacting in cryptocurrencies brings a new level of freedom, rewarding you with extra spare time and more money. To start using crypto, you require a tailored service that perfectly suits your personal or business needs. CoinsPaid has been offering its clients ready-made solutions, suitable for both business and individual operations, since 2014.

CoinsPaid supports 30+ crypto and 20+ fiat currencies. All our services are officially certified by Kaspersky Lab. Among the CoinsPaid product range, you can find an OTC platform, Cryptoprocessing, B2B and B2C Wallets, Plug&Pay, and a White Label service, all within one interconnecting ecosystem.

Year 2020 allowed us to grow five times due to the increased demand for our service. Today, CoinsPaid has a proven track of success with excellent feedback from our satisfied clients, alongside the highest security measures in place.

The CoinsPaid Team will be visiting Dubai in the second half of May. Catch us in person to find out more about our products here:

  • May 19-20 – iFX EXPO, Dubai
  • May 24-26 – AIBC & AGS Summit, stand BR37
  • May 25 – AIBC Awards. We are confirmed as one of the nominees for this prestigious award and look forward to finding out who the winner is!

If you are in Dubai and wish to schedule a personal appointment with our company representatives, please contact our Event Manager Natalia at .

For more information on CoinsPaid, go to:

CoinsPaid introduces services and products that help people and their businesses realize the potential of cryptocurrencies. The CoinsPaid ecosystem allows you to work quickly, profitably, and effectively both with national and digital currencies.

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